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Other Services

Other Services

Solar Thermal

Solar is one of the fastest growing renewable technologies. When you look at the amount of solar energy available during the year,  it is easy to see why solar thermal systems have become so popular.

How does it work?

Solar collectors are simply a type of heat exchanger used to extract energy from the sun. Collectors trap and concentrate solar radiation which is then absorbed by a solar fluid (Glycol mix), raising its temperature as it circulates through the solar collector pipe work. The heat energy generated can then be used in a primary coil indirect cylinder to provide domestic hot water for free (take a look on the heating services page -  the white pressurised cylinder is a twin coiled solar store).

Power Flushing

The power flushing of systems is not just for new boiler installations but is also essential for the maintenance of your central heating system. We use Kamco power flushing pumps which won't exceed 1 bar working pressure. The system works with cleaning chemicals that loosen the debris within the system and the magnetic filter traps the particles.  This has a significant impact on the efficiency of your system and will often alleviate problems such as noisy boilers and heating systems, plus save you money on the heating of your system.

Pipe Fitting Service

Having completed works on various industrial projects, we offer a pipe fitting service using our own machinery to undertake steel pipe work. Whether on low carbon steel threaded or the victaulic grooving system, Robinsons of Harrogate have dealt with projects that involve large diameter plastic abs, PVC and large diameter copper pipes which involves oxy acetylene brazing works.  We can offer this service with our own equipment and our pipe fitting service is undertaken to industry standards.


As the cost of heating a property continues to rise, new heat conservation technologies are continually being developed. One of these new technologies is heat recovery ventilation which works by extracting the heated/polluted air from your kitchen,  bathroom or utility rooms and then passing it through a heat exchanger.  This recovers as much as 90% of the heat from the ventilated rooms which is then used to pre-warm incoming air in other living areas. If your house has a problem with damp condensation then this is a solution worth considering.


We are soon to be part P certified which will enable us to install the complete system wiring of controls, room thermostats, boilers and immersion heaters. It is important these systems are wired correctly so that the boiler knows when the room and the hot water is up to temperature.  All controls we fit are to the highest standard and are guaranteed.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting collects rainwater from rooves and filters out any leaves or debris before storing it in a holding tank which is usually placed underground. Water is then drawn off via a pump passing through a series of filters for use in non potable (non drinking) applications as and when you need it. 

Rainwater harvesting is not a new idea and was originally used in the commercial and industrial sectors with golf courses having used these systems for decades. The water collected can be used for toilets, outside taps, garden irrigation and tanks. Systems can be supplied in a number of sizes suited to your needs. 

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to reduce costs that you might otherwise have spent on mains water and is particularly useful during the dry summer months. Aside from saving money, it is also more environmentally friendly. When stored water is not available, the system automatically switches to the mains water thereby ensuring that a constant supply of water is maintained without intervention from the end user.

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