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Heating Services

Heating Services

We can install and cover all heating systems, from normal radiators and convector heaters to under floor heating systems of all sizes that can be run from your existing heating system.

Boilers and heating have changed so much over the past few years. All new boilers fitted are SEDBUK band A rated condensing boilers and are over 90% efficient compared with the old conventional boilers which were typically only 45-60% efficient. Before any installation, we always undertake a survey and will advise you of any inefficiency within your existing system.

Before boilers are fitted, they must have their system power flushed to de-sludge and remove any debris from within the system. Trying to heat the system with a build-up of sludge takes a lot of energy of which uses more fuel, therefore making your system run inefficiently. Most new condensing boilers have a smaller heat exchanger, so if the system is not cleaned, it can block part of the heat exchanger in your new boiler.

We install various heating systems; from normal radiators and convector heaters to wet underfloor heating systems of all sizes which can also be run off existing combi boilers. Often, within the system, we zone off different areas so not all of the system has to be running at once. As well as conventional radiators, we often install designer radiators, space saving radiators and heated towel rails.

There is no point installing central heating systems if your loft insulation is not up to standard. Loft insulation should be a minimum of 270mm and home owners should allow a depreciation of loft insulation by 10% per year. We inspect lofts and their insulation on survey and if this is below standard we can upgrade with new insulation, bringing your property up to building regulation and saving you money.

All radiators must be fitted with a thermostatic radiator valve by law. The thermostat will sense the temperature of the room and, once a maximum temperature has been reached, will start to close and shut down the flow of water to the radiator. When the temperature has lowered they start to open, reheating the radiator.

We can advise on whole house ventilation and heat recovery systems as these extract warm air from the kitchen, bathroom and utility areas. They clean the polluted air passing it through a heat exchanger and recover as much as 90% of the heat which re-circulates this to the bedrooms etc.

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We supply and install equipment from all the leading manufacturers.

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